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Vinyl Flooring

When choosing which type of flooring best suits your needs, you may want to consider the benefits of vinyl flooring. Barner's has the experience and expertise to help you choose if vinyl flooring is best for your individual needs.

Some of the benefits provided by vinyl flooring:

  • Affordable - (one of the best value types of flooring);
  • Stylish - (large selection of style, color & design choices);
  • Wear Resistant - (easily withstands high-traffic);
  • Easy-to-Clean - (occasional damp mop clean-up);
  • Durable - (highly resistant to stains, scratches, dents & fading);
  • Versatile - (can resemble the look of other flooring, like hardwood & stone);
  • Water Resistant - (spills & pet accidents are no worry);
  • Reduces Noise - (quieter than wood or tile flooring);
  • Safety - (now available with slip-retardant surfaces);
  • Hypo-Allergenic - (mold & dust resistant);
  • Low-Maintenance - (no need for waxing or polishing);
  • Grout Option - (mimics the true tile look and seals seams);

For inquiries about vinyl flooring design options and how Barner's can meet your needs, please call us at (717) 444-3611 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page and a representative will contact you regarding your needs.


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